UAC Recorders Summer Workshop

OGDEN, UTAH, June 12-14, 2019 – The UACR (Utah Association of County Recorder’s) conducted their summer workshop in Weber County. It was a very successful workshop with discussions on the following topics:

Earthquakes – what to plan for and how to set up an offsite office as needed.

Trusts – how they work, how they protect all parties involved, and how recorders should process them.

Title Industry – five representatives from various title companies discussed topics pertinent to both recorders and title companies. Representing ULTA (Utah Land and Title Association) was their President and 2nd Vice President. The following bills were discussed; SB 121, HB 52, HB 247, and HB 315. The Recorders are currently working to organize a chapter for the national organization, PRIA (Property Records Industry Association), since Utah does not currently have a local chapter. There was great interest from the Title Industry to work together on this initiative. Industry groups and individuals who would be invited to join include; Escrow agents, Lenders, Underwriters, Land Record Management personnel, eRecording personnel, Artificial Intelligence and eNotartization service providers, as well as the Recorders and Title companies.

Survey – Devron Anderson, from Weber County, presented a survey containing many challenges and shared with the group steps and concerns for reviewing and resolving the survey. Devron also provided information on SB 104, which discusses Removal of Disruption of Survey Monuments.

Recorder Plats – discussions on steps for making them easier to read and produce.

SITLA (State Institutional Trust Lands Administration) – Wes Adams and Lavon Garrison attended the workshop and discussed the process for going paperless.

On Friday, the  Recorders toured  the Clearfield Storage facility, the State Archive in Salt Lake City, and the Storage facility at Granite Mountain. The workshop concluded Friday evening with the Ogden Raptors vs. the Grand Junction Rockies Baseball game.