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Making sure our members have the information they need is one of primary goals of UAC and our publications program is one way to accomplish that goal.

UAC County Government Quick Reference Guide -This guide is a useful resource which provides ready information on such topics as the Open and Public Meetings Act, GRAMA, the Public Records Management Act, the Uniform Fiscal Procedures Act and more.

Official Affinity Program Guide– outlining UAC member benefit programs such as debt collection, health insurance cost savings, unemployment cost control and more.

The County Voice – This periodic e-newsletter is sent to all UAC members and others that are interested. Typically, it will feature a calendar of upcoming events, as well as the top 2-3 stories involving UAC, the counties or other information of interest to the counties.

County Government in Utah – This is the bible of how counties are run in Utah. While not an exhaustive resource, the 160+ page book is a great tool for introducing new or potentially new officials to many of the ins and outs of county government.

County Fact Book – This publication is updated annually and is an overview of statistical profile data for each county (such as population, geographic size and other statistics).

UAC Membership Directory – This publication is produced every two years, following a county election cycle. It contains the photos and contact information for all 300 of Utah’s elected county government officials. It also includes contact information for other key county officials in each county, as well as some basic reference information about each of the counties.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Benjamin Franklin

“All wish to possess knowledge, but few, comparatively speaking, are willing to pay the price.”


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  1. Grand County is mandated to go through a change in form of government. I wish to be supportive to the Study Committee’s process and am inquiring about helpful publications you may have. Gavin Anderson will be providing training to Study Committee Members next Thursday evening on the four forms of government. Please advise what publications you can recommend for them.

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