Legislative Update for March 14…the final day of the session

It’s over for the year, folks!  Sine Die!

 Here is a final accounting of the UAC proactive priority bills and those that have become important and as you will see – it was a great night for counties!  As you can see – we had one bill that was unable to be heard last night but other than that, all our other bills made it through the process and were successful!  Unless otherwise noted in the bill, these bills will take effect on Tuesday, May 16th after the signature of the Governor.  

  1. 1st Sub HB 231 Tangible Personal Property Revisions (K. Lisonbee) – Draft of Enrolled Bill Prepared for Governor Signature
  2. HB 247 County Recorders Fees Amendments (L. Wilde) Draft of Enrolled Bill Prepared for Governor Signature
  3. HB 50 County Classification Changes (L. Wilde) Signed by the Governor
  4. HB 321 Public Improvement to Provide Sewer Services (L. Wilde) Draft of Enrolled Bill Prepared for Governor Signature
  5. 2nd Sub HB 411 Community Renewable Energy Act (S. Handy) Draft of Enrolled Bill Prepared for Governor Signature
  6. HB 203 Homeless Shelter Funding/Revisions (S. Chew) Draft of Enrolled Bill Prepared for Governor Signature
  7. 2nd Sub SB 104 Removal or Disruption of Survey Monuments (G. Buxton) Draft of Enrolled Bill Prepared for Governor Signature
  8. 4th Sub HB 119 Initiatives & Referenda (B. Daw) Draft of Enrolled Bill Prepared for Governor Signature
  9. HB 422 Marriage Code Revisions (S. Handy) Draft of Enrolled Bill Prepared for Governor Signature
  10. 2nd Sub HB 272 Election Code Revisions (M. Nelson) Draft of Enrolled Bill Prepared for Governor Signature  
  11. HB 482 Judicial Retention (L. Snow) House Rules Committee, unable to be heard in committee and did not make it to the floor.

We will be giving a full account of appropriations and a more comprehensive review in the coming weeks as we work on the UAC Legislative Session Review.  

Looking Back

A quick review by our favorite Wilf Sommerkorn on a few important county-related bills:

  • 4th Sub SB 34 Affordable Housing Modifications(J. Anderegg) passed the House finally yesterday evening.  The hang-up was money for the Olene Walker Housing Trust Fund, and in the end, the bill was passed with no money at all going to the fund.  This was a disappointment to most housing advocates.  But the Commission on Housing Affordability still lives on and more action will be advocated by this group in the coming months.
  • 2nd Sub HB 288 Critical Infrastructure Materials (L. Wilde) the gravel pits bill, faced some last-minute drama.  After passing in the Senate earlier with some changes, yesterday evening when the House took a vote to agree to the amendments made in the Senate, the bill was voted down.  There had been substantial opposition to the bill all throughout the session from residents and communities with concerns about gravel pits, and it looked like they swayed their legislators.  But after some quick action on the part of the bill sponsors and supporters, the motion to reconsider the bill later in the evening was made and the bill was approved.  The intent, as mentioned before, is that this is to be a one-year holding action, with work to take place during the coming year to craft a better solution for all concerned, to be brought back to the legislature in next year’s session.
  • 4th Sub HB 315 Land Use and Development Amendments(L. Wilde) passed on the last day as well.  Again, this was a bill that changed a fair amount over the course of the session from where it began as put forward by the Land Use Task Force.
  • And 4th Sub HB 119 Initiatives, Referenda, and Other Political Activities(B. Daw) passed after facing considerable opposition from citizens groups that had organized previously to advocate referenda on specific land use approvals in several communities.  This bill changes the rules considerably around how such local referenda are to be organized and pursued, including changes in LUDMA on what kinds of actions are referable.

Thank you, everyone, for your input, your communications, and your tireless work throughout the last 7 weeks.  Please let me know if you have any questions I can answer!  It is a pleasure working with all of you!

Elizabeth KLC