Conference Call for Discussion of Recent UAC Election Wednesday, December 6th, 9 am

All interested county elected officials:

Over the last few weeks there has been a lot of discussion regarding the outcome of the recent election of UAC officers.  There have been concerns raised relating to the voting  process and concerns related to the  divisions and distrust that is arising from the campaign and election.

It is always my goal to be open and transparent with the members, and this is a time to ensure that goal is realized.

With the approval of the current UAC President, I have scheduled a telephone conference to provide information on the recent election process and to answer questions from the members.  I believe this is best way to reach many people and to provide them all with the same information.  Please join this telephone conference if you are available.

Adam Trupp


Telephone Conference Information 


Code 26880457

December 6, 2018

9:00 am – 10:30 am



  1. Background on Election and Questions


  1. Process and Eligibility
  • Voter registration and voting process
  • Vote tallying process
  • Questions raised after swearing In

Ø Claims and request for voter role


  1. Election Follow Up
  • Request for meeting
  • Review of Bylaws by UAC staff
  • Disclosure of finding

Ø Follow up communications

Ø Follow up meeting with candidates


  1. No Agreement on Resolving Election Dispute
  • Support for current leadership to begin regular processes



  1. Bylaws and Election Issues Explanation:


  1. Questions about voter eligibility
  • Reviewed Voter Roles


  1. “Over Voting”  By Council Counties
  • Prior Practice
  • Absence of Remedy


  1. Bylaws Provisions on Effect of Swearing in and Timeframe for Appointing Board Members
  • Officers and Elected Board members take their seats at the end of the Convention


  1. Board May Take Action to Resolve Differences in the Association
  • Members Request 10 days notice


  1. Result: Board may discuss this issue at its discretion and take action, but that is at the discretion of the members


  1. Question and Answer Session and Next Steps Discussion
  1. Adjourn 

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