Brandy Grace to lead UAC as Chief Executive Officer.



The UAC Board of Directors met July 31, 2019, to interview the final applicants for CEO. Our Board has selected Brandy Grace to lead the organization as Utah Association of Counties Chief Executive Officer.

I am confident Brandy will do an exceptional job. Brandy has the experience necessary to take our association to the next level. Brandy’s relationships with members, state partners, and association sponsors make her the best person to lead the organization forward. I have been impressed with her responsiveness, creativity, and dedication to every member. Brandy works hard and is not afraid to do the hard work to help our association thrive. While I am sure she will spend time in each of your counties, don’t hesitate to reach out and get to know her better. I believe you will be delighted with this decision.

As we enter the final week of summer, I am looking forward to wrapping up some of our busiest months and getting the kids back to school. The end of summer also signifies we are getting closer to our annual convention! If you have not already, please mark your calendar for November 14-15. I am looking forward to hosting you in Washington County!

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your Utah Association of Counties’ President. Thank you for your friendship. I am looking forward to this new chapter for the Utah Association of Counties.


Victor Iverson